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Quarterly Taxes

If you pay estimated taxes on a quarterly basis (Form 1040-ES), you may owe less on your annual tax returns or even get money back. In order to receive more money back, more money has to be paid in every quarter. If no tax payments are made during the tax year, all taxes are due … Continue reading Quarterly Taxes

Reduce Fraud Risk

In the accounting world, reducing fraud risk occurs with segregation of duties: Custody of assets, transaction approval & recordkeeping.  No one person in your business should have access to all three areas of inflow or outflow of cash or other assets.  As a sole proprietor, you have no interest to cheat yourself.  Once your business … Continue reading Reduce Fraud Risk

Computer Health

A computer is like a person- it crashes, if it is overloaded or unhealthy. Although there are other computer types, this summary is focused on “IBM compatible” computers, which are commonly referred to as PCs (Personal computers). The two main operating systems for PCs are Windows and Linux. The following instructions outline how to manually … Continue reading Computer Health

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