Ophi Hawk

Ophi Hawk has been an accountant for over 10 years, working in virtually all types of accounting, including audit, tax, bookkeeping, software conversions, and financial reporting in many industries, such as investment management.

Technical writing is another skill of hers that she began in 2004, when she was unaware that her ability had a name. Since then, she has been the main person designing and writing company procedures for most of the companies she has worked with.

She tends to have a bird’s eye view in most circumstances, such as locating loopholes, and creating solutions that are feasible to the owners. She usually does this by streamlining processes and reducing redundant procedures. She has even eliminated her own position, created new jobs, and revised the duties of other roles.

Why does she do this?

  • Because it is inefficient to have redundant procedures.
  • Because it is ineffective for overlapping procedures to delay or prevent other vital processes from being completed.

She brings a form of healing to the table regarding internal control recommendations and consulting on business/perosnal matters. She has a unique perspective, because she has worked in so many industries, and in so many roles.

Currently, the products with Ophi Hawk pertain to empowering people and businesses to heal at their own pace, and are customizable for their needs. From a personal perspective. It’s all about our perspectives on life as it comes, and staying true to our values with healthy boundaries.